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NY Elections FAQ

3 Nov

#1 Who to vote for re: Governor?

Cuomo on WFP, ideally. Cuomo is trying to erode the power of WFP by undermining WFP members (i.e. calling public schools a monopoly) thereby discouraging them to vote for him on the WFP line while at the same time promoting his supporters to vote for him on the WEP line (a party he created, that is not even one full character away from WFP and that claims to support women while it is almost entirely composed of men).

He was forced into making progressive commitments to the WFP for the endorsement and he doesn’t want to ever do that again. He knows he can afford to lose the votes and still win the election.

If WFP gets less than 50,000 votes it will lose it’s status on the ballot. Governor Cuomo is counting on progressive people to vote against him. Because a vote against him is a vote against the WFP, a force for progressive change, empowering the voices of working people and holding his feet to the fire. Vote for Cuomo on the WFP line tomorrow and watch us kick his ass and make it his last term.

#2 Does my vote count?

YES, well, sorta. It REALLY counts if your casting a ballot in a competitive district. If you live in a competitive senate race then you have the potential to decide who controls the New York State Senate.

If you’re a progressive you have the potential to win the Senate for progressives just by getting your cute butt (let’s face it, it’s cute) and the cute booties of your fellow progressive friends, family members and community out to the polls. Our friends in the other camp, Conservatives and Republicans, tend to win just because they more consistently actually SHOW UP. They get into power and pass policies that do violence on our communities of color and low-income communities – the same people who tend to be more progressive because it addresses the realities of their lived experiences – nurturing endemic distrust amongst us and resulting low voter turnout.

I totes get why we don’t want to legitimize the electoral system by going to the polls, i get that, for real. But can i just tell you that the election that may decide the entire fate of the NYS Senate was decided last election by a spread of 18 votes. 18 FUCKING VOTES. And can you imagine what we can do with a NYS Senate and Assembly in the hands of progressives? Survey all the ass kickery we’ve accomplished these last two years under the thumb of the republican senate and times that ass kickery by ten thousand. That’s a lot of ass kickery packed into one little ballot.

#3 What races to watch?

Tkaczyk is the Ulster County candidate who beat out her opponent by a mere 18 votes two years ago in a race that forced the republicans to form an alliance with the break away Independent Democrats, these are basically dems that cost the Democratic party the majority last time around. Boo. Hisss. This time around the IDC has promised to ally with the Democrats to form a majority. We need to hold Tkaczyk’s district to achieve this allied majority in the Senate. A Sienna poll has her down by 11 points but the same poll had her down by 8 same time last election when she won. Her opponent, Amedore, voted TEN TIMES against equal pay for equal work and is an all around douche bag.

We also need to hold Gipson’s seat in the area of Poughkeepsie. Last time when he won the conservative voters didn’t come out for his Republican opponent, Saland, because he voted for marriage equality. Sienna poll shows that he’s closed his challengers’ lead to a mere two points, a statistical dead heat. The momentum is on our side.

We need to pick up an open seat vacated by Ball, a guy who isn’t running again because he didn’t make enough money as a Senator. Seriously. That’s what he said. Internal polls suggest the Democratic candidate, Wagner, is doing well. As a city councilman his opponent, Murphy, voted for imminent domain to allow a corporation to build a pipeline for fracking right through the Hudson Valley district – angering voters in both parties by taking the land away from small businesses and wreaking havoc on the eco system.

We could also try and pick up Grisanti’s seat for the Dems in Buffalo-Niagara. Grisanti is the final Republican who kept his seat after voting for marriage equality. This year he lost the Republican nomination to a Conservative candidate so he’s running as an Independent. The split vote could pan out in our favor.